5.  The actual Fingerprint Card will be retained by the ISP Bureau of Criminal Investigation for their files, not sent to our Area Alateen Process Person.
6.  Results will be sent back to our Area Alateen Process Person, Ruth Blaha, within 10 days.  She will check names against the Idaho State Police Sex Offender Registry, which is a free on-line service.
7.  Idaho Area 13 will reimburse you for the background check.  Complete an Idaho Area Expense Form    available on our website. Send your receipts and the completed form to our Area Treasurer .

Complete Alateen Sponsor certification forms
1.  Send a signed copy of the Alateen Service Candidate Form , and a signed copy of the Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS) Form to our Area Alateen Process Person, Ruth Blaha, at PO Box 1531, Eagle, ID 83616.  She will sign the AMIAS form and send it to the WSO.  The World Service Office will assign you a WSO I.D. number and you will be officially certified in Idaho with an approved background check.
2.  Our Area Alateen Process Person, will notify you when the World Service Office has certified you.

  • For more information or for the AMIAS recertification form check out the Alateen Information page.
  • Thank you for following these procedures.  Alateens in Idaho will be safer as a result.  We appreciate your willingness to serve Al-Anon and Alateen. 
  • Alateen Sponsorship Bookmark
Alateen Sponsorship
Dear Al-Anon Member,

We appreciate your interest in serving our area as an Alateen sponsor or volunteer.  In order to be certified by the Idaho Area, you will need to get a background check through the Idaho State Police (and other states if you live in a bordering state) .  You will also need to fill out the Alateen Sponsor Certification forms below and send them to our Area Alateen Process Person.  Please follow these procedures.

Obtain a Background Check (6-state region)
  1. Go to a local law enforcement agency and request a set of rolled fingerprints.  (See examples of the official Fingerprint Card and the Idaho State Police/BCI Fingerprint Request form via website link above.)  The cost is approx $10-$15.  You will need to bring a Valid I.D.  Make sure to get a receipt for reimbursement.  These are the general instructions on how to fill out the fingerprint card form; Fingerprint Card instructions.
  2. On the Idaho State Police/BCI Fingerprint Request form , under "Requester Name," make sure you write in "AFG Idaho, c/o Ruth Blaha."  Address of Requester is: PO Box 1531, Eagle, ID 83616.   See sample form.  The background check results MUST go to the agency (AFG Idaho), not the person requesting the background check.
  3. If you live in the Boise area, go to the Idaho State Police office at 700 Stratford Drive, Meridian, ID 83642. Fingerprinting, plus the 6-state background check, is a total of $35.00 at the ISP office in Meridian. Use the entrance for the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).
  4. For those outside of the Boise area, send the Fingerprint Card , the Idaho State Police/BCI Fingerprint Request form , along with a check for $25.00 made out to "Idaho State Police," to the ISP Bureau of Criminal Investigation, 700 Stratford Dr, Meridian, ID 83642.  DO NOT FOLD the Fingerprint Card.  Please mail all documents in a large envelope.  If you have questions, call the Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation: 208-884-7159.  Ask for a receipt for reimbursement.