Electronic Meetings
WSO maintains lists for Email Meetings, Chat Meetings, Voice via Internet Meetings, and Bulletin Board Meetings.

WSO Al-Anon Podcasts are available for you to download. You can listen to experience, strength, and hope at your convenience.

Hard Copy
WSO will email a copy of the electronic meetings if you provide your email address. 
Electronic Information
Electronic and Telephone Meetings
WSO (World Service Office) maintains a list of registered electronic and telephone meeting.  These meetings were originally established to accommodate the disabled, members without transportation, or those living in remote areas where there are no face to face meetings.  They are now an additional tool for all Al-Anon members as supplemental meetings.  They are held exactly like a face to face meeting but in a virtual meeting environment by telephone, email, or internet.  Podcasts are pre-recorded sharing of experience, strength, and hope.

Telephone Meeting List
Caution:  There are internal and long distance charges for landline calls and “minutes used” on your cell phone unless the meeting is in the “free minute’s” time of your plan.